How to Choose

Original and personal designs are our speciality. If you do not see a suitable design in our Cake Menu, ask CakeyPigg to create something new for you.

As well as themes, we can use other items and pictures for inspiration. The more abstract or personal the better. You could consider:

* Favourite places * Tattoo art * Postcard or birthday card
* Swatch of fabric, a cushion or wallpaper * Books
* The line of a song * Ornament * Artwork * Flowers
* Hobbies or obsessions * Films * An in joke
*Page from a magazine

One trick is to Google these ideas and not to Google cakes. Your cake designer will turn the idea into cake, this way your cake will be unique.

Next think about the look you want:
♦ 2D designs are cakes decorated with the design flat against the cake. This includes flood and piped icing, printed wafer or icing and collage style patterns.
♦ 2D⁄⁄3D and scenery flats. A cross between a flat cake and a full 3D cake. Think of the way that painted scenery is used on stage in the theatre. It is a good way of adding height and dimension.
♦ 3D designs have full 3D modelling and can be used to create scenes and miniature worlds on top of a cake. Sculpted cakes are carved and shaped.

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the design, size, and the number of tiers. Tiered cakes come in all sizes. For example a 3 tier cake could feed as few as 60 people or as many as 160. Your cake designer will help you pick the right shape and size for your event.

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